Tall scrubs r us

A special apology needs to be made to purveyors of kindergarten matters. But then again, not. The application of the letter R from the English alphabet to denotate the plural word ‘are’ has been used so many times in print and online that nobody is likely to notice or complain. Kindergarten matters apply specifically to young children. One of the best ways to take care of their mental well-being is to spoil them with toys, preferably educational toys to help their little minds develop as early as possible.

This can also be seen as a nice counterfoil to just how quickly these kids seem to grow these days. Their hormones and DNA seems to be in overdrive. This is something that only a podiatrist can explain to you as a parent. Speaking of which, kids in their earliest years seem to be in and out of the doctor’s rooms a lot more than they would be in later years, assuming of course, that their medical care and treatment has been sound and parents have done well to keep them healthy and strong.

Having to visit the doctor at such a young age is sometimes quite traumatic for little, sensitive kids. The very sight of a needle strikes fear in their tender hearts. The nauseating green color of the doctor’s scrubs, of course, does not help matters either. But that was then, and this is now. Today, your friendly, kindhearted doctor, large in stature, physically and emotionally, will be wearing tall scrubs pants that are appealingly colorful to the imaginative kids.

He does not mind if his sanitized pants are festooned with favorite cartoon characters or florally decorated for the ladies, just as long as his physical presence can keep his patients calm.