Hair today, more hair tomorrow with plasma treatment

Hair today, gone tomorrow, ever heard that expression before. Of course you have, many times in your life. But this expression became particularly painful for you if you just happened to be losing your hair in places and at a rapid rate to boot. It is even more traumatic for you if you are a woman. Men age and we have generally become used to the idea that they will lose at least some of their hair naturally. But not women.

Never mind the causes as to why this happens, there are numerous reasons, let’s look at what can be done about it. Here, we are not even considering the most sophisticated surgical (medical) procedures that many men and women simply cannot afford medical plans or no medical plans. Some plans, as it turns out, remain narrow minded in the sense that they deem such hair restoration procedures to be entirely cosmetic, hence not urgently necessary.

Of course it is necessary. No need to explain why at length either. The natural solution has been communicated long enough, but of course, more awareness still needs to be created. One natural solution that is also relatively safe is known as the platelet rich plasma treatment. Now, what this means is that your own blood is being utilized to help restore hair growth in affected areas. It also helps improve the density and strength of your existing hair.

The clinical process begins by taking the minutest of blood samples. Then the extracted platelets are injected into the affected areas. And so begins a natural, safe hair restoration process which comes recommended for men and women of all ages and all circumstances. So hair today, gone tomorrow…says who. Rather this; hair today, still more hair tomorrow.